Arousing your S.O.

Get something into something sexy! Get into a lingerie, or something your man or women loves to see you in or just go in your birthday suit!

 Get out your toys, straps and whips, ice and other things that turns them on and get ready to rock their world.

Light candles, lay out rose peddles, get them a glass of wine and  let them know that you are ready! Kiss on them, love on them and touch them! Nibble on their ear, lip, neck and any part of their body that turns them on.

Whisper sweet things in their ears and Rub on them. Give them a massage and touch on them. Light some candles and set the mood with some romantic music.

Sit on the bed with a gown on and wait for them to walk in and then take the gown off, if you have nothing on instead just lay down and motion them to you and wrap your legs around them and pull them down and do what is stated above.

Tie them up or let them take control of you and just enjoy each other and just have fun. This is something that pleasures both of you and is meant for you to enjoy and experiment.

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