Condoms w/ Safe Sex

There is nothing wrong with using condoms. It is actually safe to use but then some condoms you cannot feel anything, you get friction burns and it could rip if there is to much pressure and if its to tight.That sucks.

There are different pleasurable ones and then there are just the normal ones. There are kinds with ridges and bumps for here then there is other kinds. If your allergic to a certain ingredient then there are ones for you.

There are ones with lube some has spermicide others do not and ones without lube all together. There are lubes out there that is compatible with them if it gets to become dry and uncomfortable. So don’t worry. Just about any water based is compatible but make sure before you just put anything cause it can cause irritations and problems.

There are some that can go into the butt also and sometimes they can’t go anywhere else.

The best way to take off a condom after it’s been used is to aim your penis down so all the cum drains down. Pinch and slowly pull the tip of the condom out a little more than it is. Slowly roll the condom down and then slowly slide it off the penis.

Tie it in a not and throw it away. In additional clean the penis really good so that there is no left over cum and so that you cannot  get your partner pregnant. Below are some links to different kinds of condoms along with a mass link.

Him and her condoms

Lets Practice Safe Sex

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