Date Night at number one

Treat your girl or guy to a nice date. Pick out your favorite outfit that they wear place it on the bed along with jewelry, heels or shoes that you want them to wear. You can even buy them something like a new purse for her, flowers and chocolates for either one. Don’t worry its the thought that counts.

 Write a sweet note that says hey get ready in 5 we are going to a date. If she or he was talking about a movie that they would like to see look up the scheduling by the tickets and if it’s before time take her out to eat if you want to or just wait till afterwards.

When you get home make a heart of pedals light some candles, play some music and set the mood, pop some wine or her favorite drink just hang out or start kissing and then it can lead to more.

These are the best kinds of dates along with just sitting around the house watching tv and movies together or just doing whatever it is you both like.

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