Dirty talking (Adult Content!)

Spice things up by dirty talking. It never hurts to because it actually making people hornier. I think it is hot and sexy when people do it. If you don’t know how then just say things that you want to do or want to be done. Here are some examples below that normally turn us on and makes us want to play all night long.

“I want you to play with me all night long.” 
“I wanna feel your hard long cock in my soft wet pussy as your banging me really hard on our dining table.”
“I want to bend you over and just and bang you really hard with my long cock.”
“I want you to eat me as you play with me with a vibrator or toy.” 
“I want you to cum in my mouth as I play with your balls.”
“I want to tongue your body down flip you over and bang you from behind.”
“I wanna play with you all night long till I make your body melt.”
“Milk my body daddy I wanna cum all over!” 
” I want you to play with my nipples as I wet with a vibrator.”
“I  want to blow you until you explode in my mouth!”

“I want to pull your panties to the side and dig you out all night”

“Make me cum and squirt daddy!”

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