Experiment yourself; Don’t push this; Communicate is key!

It never hurts to experiment with yourself or your partner. It helps you figure out what you like and don’t like. It also can help figure out what you can take and cannot take. There is so much that you can learn about yourself if you just experiment. I mean hey you could be missing out on the greatest thing that gets you off because you just didn’t know.

Somethings you experiment with yourself can be done by your partner so they can do it for you. That is even better because he or she will know how to please you and give you pleasure in which some people just do not know that hey somethings you do don’t please me it doesn’t even remotely feel good at all because you don’t want to tell them. If its that way then tell them that it doesn’t feel good and most people will be like yeah your right I through this felt good to you that’s the reason why I still do it.

Communication is the key points during this time. If it hurts tell them; If something that they are doing is uncomfortable tell them don’t keep it in and try to hide it because it will end up hurting you some how and then your stuck with why am I hurting and then it’s an oh yeah light bulb going off and your asking yourself millions of questions like why did we do that when it hurt or it could be time again and your stuck but tell them how it makes you feel because sometimes they do not understand and that’s where you need to communicate and say “hey I like this or hey I don’t like this or something your doing hurts me.”

If your spouse or partner is not ready then don’t pressure them because something beautiful could turn into a mess and it can hurt them mentally and sometimes physically on the inside and out in which they feel like they are just being used and unwanted. If something is hurting them then don’t continue doing it find something else and just communicate so that you know what to do and what feels the best to both of you guys.

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