LGBT!! PRIDE!!!! (Nothing really sexual here just an open post.!)

There is nothing wrong with LGBT Community. They are all humans just like we are. They love what they love and we love what we love. They need love to no matter what they believe in or who they are.

There should be no shame of any kind of sort against them. They have done nothing wrong except expressed themselves just like the rest of us. They are only trying to live life just like we are.

There is no reason at all in shaming them because of their sexuality. Sometimes you learn a lot about a person who is different you never know. They are the most respectful and interesting and friendly people that you could ever meet. Yeah people throw off them and everything else but they stand up and keep pushing through trying to fight.

Why should they have to fight when we do not. We all are different so can they not be. If anyone has any concerns about religion views the bible says love thy brother and thy sister and thy neighbor. There is nothing against LGBT’s in there and you may say it’s a sin but isn’t most of the thing you do in life a sin?

Remember if you believe in God he died for our sins so they can be swept clean. He died for us all not just some of us. Some people need to change how they see things because some of it isn’t even correct. You cannot say your living for the lord and only do half the bible you have to live by all of it.

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