Lickable treats for the body

Flavored lubes are fun to use not only because you can lick them off but also because you can use them to have sex with. Flavored things spices things up in the bedroom many different way because you can rub them on and lick them off.

The only down side about flavored oils and moist is that sometimes it contains sugar and that cannot go inside the body like the lubes can. It can cause infections and major pains so be cautious and read to be sure what it is for and if it’s for eternal then it will say but otherwise treat it as an external only because that what most are anyways.

Flavor oils can be come sticky sometimes and then it gets everywhere become a mess but is fun during the process.

There are all kinds of flavor things you can get like the nipple simulator and then there is body dust that you brush on and can lick off. There is so much that you can get especially the blow job pop candy. It pops while your giving head and it gives good sensations except when it pops your throat but other than that it’s fun.

Blow is links of where to get the stuff!!!!
Flavored Lubes

Flavored Massage Oils

Flavored Stimulatiors

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