Massage Candles Work Wonders! (Links to get yours below!)

Image result for so horny candleThere is a massage candle that you can get and it smells wonderful. There are all kinds of different scents but be cautious because some scents are stronger than other. You let it melt for 20 minutes and then blow it out but use it a couple seconds after you blow it out because it will start hardening. Take the wax that is in your hands and massage all of the body (External only).  The warm wax is a major turn on along with the massage. It causes so much pleasure because it is being rubbed into your skin and the warmth of it is just really, really great and just mind blowing. It can make you wet and hard and just ready to please each other. It is a great way of being turned on.

It feels really good but there are other things that you can massage with not just the candle there are all kinds of gels and lotions also but I rather have the candle because it feels great and smells even better. It also can hydrate the skin and its just amazing on how it feels when it is on. Be sure to rub it in on your hands really good so it won’t be to much on the body.

It almost feels like lotion on the skin and it doesn’t make that big of a mess. If the candle drains down the sprout then it’s an easy clean up you can scrap it off and wash it off with no hassle with hot water and soap.

The skin is different because the wax can sometimes make you water resistant but it leaves you smelling really good and feeling really good also.

The massage lotions and oils also work great too but I just honestly like the candle because it’s doesn’t absorb into your skin and cause trouble to your pores. It actually opens them and absorbs all bad things from your skin. It also makes your skin softer and smoother along with shinier. Its just an awesome thing to have. I love to use karma sutra massage and so horny candle because it just conditions the skin and it is a great product.



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