Playing with food

There is nothing wrong with playing with food except it can cause infections if it get on the inside but if you want to do something special for your partner then take whip cream and some sprinkles put them over your boobs and if your laying down put them on the mound of your vagina and let your partner eat it off. If your a guy do the same but over your penis and let your partner eat it off.

You can use caramel syrup topping or chocolate syrup topping and any kind of topping your choice and just be their little dessert. Spice things up and have some fun! Cover your body in the syrup and just let them lick and eat it off. There is nothing wrong with this. It is actually fun until you accidentally stick things in the vagina then it hurts hut be cautious and just have fun with it!

Explore, experiment and just have fun that what it’s all about spending time with your partner and just enjoying each other.

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