There are many ways to please each other in bed!

There are many ways of pleasing a woman. There are multiple different ways to do it. One way is telling her you love her and making sure she knows it. Go the extra ways of showing her in bed by holding her close, kissing on her neck and face and doing whatever it is she loves and or wants. Don’t do anything your not comfortable with because it can lead to problems but it doesn’t hurt to experiment. Lip biting and sucking helps to let each other know! Be playful and listen to each other and when they say they want to try something go for it! You never know what you like if you don’t try it.

Kissing on her neck tells her you are ready and you want to have sex. Try different things that gives her pleasure and you pleasure! If it hurts or you do not like it then try something else but if you want to retry it it  never hurts to. There are many different sites to give you ideas but my favorite is the banana split! It feels great for both of us and it works wonders! Below are some ideas to help her and if you like it and she likes it try oral! Kitty eating helps calm and relaxes them. If you want to do oral try using fingers and or dildos or vibrators in the vagina it works wonders and feels really good! The woman cumming is the greatest way to please her and making her feel wonderful. If she is on top riding wrap your arms around her and hold her and it makes her turn on more. Suck her nipples, play with her, if she is dropping hints trying to tell you shes ready then get to it! It never hurts to ask if you want to. If she is doing a good job moan for her! Let her know this so she can keep doing it because she loves to hear you moan and men rarely ever moan or tell her it was good. Tell her you love her while your doing it also cause it helps! If she can then help her squirt! It feels really good also!

For him there are many ways. If you are up for it try giving him a blow job! Take the head and suck on it only! Try tongue tricks because they love it and I bet he will be asking for more. Rub his balls and play with his nipples if he likes it. Playfully pinch his nipples and play around for a while experiment on things he love and likes and things you love and like! Find something that gives pleasure to both. Play with him, if he’s up for it try anal toys for him, finger his butt just find something he enjoys. There is nothing wrong experimenting to find things that he likes! What happens in the bedroom is between you guys not for the whole world so try new things! There are multiple things that you can do. There is a spot on the head of the penis that if it’s played with the right way it drives them wild to the point it is impossible for them to control themselves they will moan and moan and beg for more.

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