Contraceptives; Can Fail!

It does not matter how much you use, or what you use. It can always fail if not now it will one time or some point. This does not have to happen to you but it has happened to many other. I was using birth control pills, spermicide lubes, and other things but it still failed. It can happen to anyone. It can also lead to miscarriages and other things.

They say birth control is healthy but if it is why do you gain weight on it and why does some other cause bodily damages?

It does not matter how many people tell you something is good, something will work because there is times where yeah it will work but then there are times where it doesn’t work and you still end up getting pregnant.

They tell you to use double protection but it still doesn’t matter because okay say they recommend this and you use it and them something happens and your still using it and you end up getting pregnant.

The best way for this is to not have sex but why do that when its something we all love?

Try using spermicide lubes and spermicide condoms they work wonders.

You can use spermicide lubes which is a great product to use when you cannot take the pill.

You can also use spermicide condom and this allows you to have protected sex and make sure you don’t get pregnant.

There is all kinds of things from a cap, and sponges that goes again your cervix. There is also spermicide strips you can use also. You stick them in the vagina and let them dissolve.

There is also other birth controls that doctors prescribe and give you just be careful.
Get Your Spermicidal Condoms

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