Ever had the tendencies ( Have you ever?)

Have you ever wanted to try something but was unsure if your partner would like it?  Have you thought about something that you wanted to try but you’re afraid to because you don’t know how it will work? Have you ever wanted to sleep with someone else because of sex was boring?

Have you ever wanted to try something so dirty that you did not want to tell your partner because you did not know how they would react?

Tell your partner how you feel. Tell them what you want and want to try.

Try role playing, playing with toys. Don’t just have sex with someone else see if they want to try a threesome or something.

Communication helps spice things up and just exploring and telling your partner things. It never hurts to ask and say how you feel.

Have some fun. Try dirtying talking and taking over your partner be spontaneous and spoil them do the things that they love and tell them what you love.

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