Get Comfortable

Don’t ever force yourself to do something your not comfortable with. Take it slow and don’t rush. Start small before moving to big toys because it could hurt worst due to stretching and be sure to use lots of lube. Lube is great for when your having trouble getting wet it lets things slide in without hurting or causing problems.

Don’t rush into toys or anything until you are comfortable because it can turn you against whatever your doing and if your like me you’ll probably never want to try it again.

There is nothing wrong with taking it slow and using small toys. They make beginner toys for you to get use to them and it helps when you haven’t had sex in awhile. It loosens you up to the point everything can slide in with an ease and if you keep working with it then you will be loose for a while but if you don’t then you will tighten up and you will have to restart which it’s okay for that to happen.

Once you get comfortable and use to this then you will have no problems. You will be able to use just about anything you want but use lube and be sure things are only used in where they are suppose to like don’t use toys without bases or some kind of retrieving in the butt because your butt can suck it up and you will have to go to the hospital to get it out.

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