Never Panic

Panicking never really solves anything. It actually makes any situation worst but if you have anxiety and it’s serve like mine then it will happen anyway no matter how much you try for it not to happen. I once wanted to use my ben wa’s with out the holster and they got stuck and it caused me to panic because I did not want to go to the hospital with them stuck in there.

My husband had to talk to me so I would claim down and he told me not to panic. He rubbed my back and told me to go sit on the toilet and push with all my might because it will feel like your having a baby and it will help you loosen up to get them out. Once I stopped panicking my muscles stopped tightening and it loosened me up just enough so I could push one out and then reach in there a little to get the other one out.

Do not panic because your muscles will tighten up to the point you will start worrying and having what if moment and if your muscles tighten to much then it will be awhile to get what ever it is out.

Toys can get stuck in the vagina this is why you apply lots of lube. Your vagina can tighten no matter how big the toy is and if you panic then the toy will be stuck and it will be awhile. Slowly and I mean slowly pull out the toy and just stay calm. I will all be okay I promise and if it happens to not come out after you’ve tried then you may have to go to the hospital but its okay there is lots of people going don’t be ashamed they are there to help you out.

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