Vibrating Rings and rings!

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I tend to dislike certain rabbit rings due to it just sits there and doesn’t give me pleasure it just feels awkward to the point I cannot stand it and sometimes the ears do not line up and it’s pointless because its not in the right spot and no matter how many times you adjust it it still is just in the same spot and just pleasurable to me.

Vibrating rings can be fun or just awkward depending on which one it is and how it feels to you. Some I enjoy and others I just hate. They are rings that you put on him at the base of his penis and it can do two things one if its the ones that vibrate then it vibrates you and him and it goes against your clit to give you pleasure but it can make him stay hard longer or two it just makes him stay hard longer and applies pressure to his penis so it just sits there.

Penis rings here! (Use 215U here)

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