Anal Ease To Numb The Anal

Anal Ease works great! It takes about 5 minutes depending on which one your using to numb your sphincter (for those who does not know what this is, its your butt hole muscle.) and makes it so that you do not feel anything entering it or exiting. It works great both way.

 It gives you a tingling sensation but that is it. It is great for beginners and I recommend using anal lube with this because anal lube is not like other lubes its actually thicker and made to last longer. It works great with beginner toys also and it just relaxes you and it so that it does not hurt.

Whenever I restart the anal play process I love to use this because it works great and helps me so much that it makes it more pleasurable and makes it less painful so that I can enjoy it. I recommend you get this because it works great.


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