G-Spot Wand Is A No From Me

The G-spot wand that I have is okay its not the best. It does not give enough vibrations for the g-spot but that’s just me; To everyone else it could be different for them. I’ve tried it different occasions hoping it would work but instead it just kind of gets uncomfortable but it could just be me. It is okay for a clit vibrator instead of a G-spot one. It is also quiet and doesn’t make much noise. That is the only pros I see for this besides the different vibrations and it being waterproof.

 I don’t dislike it but it doesn’t feel like it does its job and in my opinion the head is to flexible. It has multiple speeds and vibrations but I barely feel them on my g-spot so it must low vibration power or just to flexible for it. I thought there was going to be more power.

I thought maybe the fresh batteries that was just put in it was low so I changed them from batteries from a toy that worked and that was not it. I then found out that it is the toy itself. It does not give off a lot of vibration and it is just not worth buying to me but do not let me stop you from buying something you want. Maybe it will work for you.

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