My Dirty Little Fetish

I enjoy having my hair pulled. I enjoy being teased and teasing. I enjoy every little moment we have. I enjoy being choked long and hard as daddy ties me up and have his way with me!

This is exciting to me and I love it. Tie me up and take me, electrocute me with the wands and just give me shocking vibes!  Spank me hard and give me an ice bath!

Squeeze my boobs as you’re eating me away!!! Pinch my nipples; Make me scream!! Show me how you love me by teasing me.

I want you to have your way with me! I want my melted candle wax to be poured on me! I want you to be mean to me and slap me around when we are doing dirty things!

Please oh please daddy!  Have your way with me!

Make me cum until I fall asleep…

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