Dress me up, Tie Me Down

I honestly love to dress up in the most sexiest teddy that I can find. I enjoy the ones that are crotchless due to I can have my vibrating bullet slipped in while he has the remote for it while I spank him with the paddle.

Once I am done spanking him I tie him down with the restraints and blindfold him.

I then go get a piece of ice and drag it across his nipples down to his penis and just tease his penis as he squirms around trying to get away.

I take the body candles and drop them on his body as he lays there.

I grab the flavored lube and go down on him spelling coconut and Mississippi  with my tongue trying to see how long he lasts.

If he lasts for a while I then get on top and ride him until he cums.

I then get one of his prostate toys and just tease him repeatedly tease him wiggling it and making it go in and out.

I get bored so I unstrap him grab my strap on and ride him until I hear him moan and scream my name so loud that it turns me on more.

I take off the strapon  and get down on all fours for doggy style.

After a while of doggy style we both cum.

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