Arousing Kisses!

The kissoboo lip balm is an another way for stimulation. Kiss all over the body and wherever you kiss it starts to get tingle and warm and its mess free and leaves wherever you kiss soft and smooth.

It is perfect for the nipples and penis head. It smells of cinnamon and I just love it. My husband is enjoying me using it on him and I enjoy him using the balm and just kissing on my nipples and clit.

The more you apply with your fingers the more warm and tingly it gets. It is a major turn on and I will be using and getting more of it.

Suck and kiss all over his body and watch as he gets so turned on that he cannot control it. He just takes over and teases you and just pleasures you so much.

Lick it off, eat it off or just rub it in. Have an enjoyable time with your partner as you tie them up and have your way with them. It is safe for all over body use.

Kiss and lick him all over while you’re playing with his cock. Kiss all over her while you take a vibrator or dildo and trade her until she wants to go further.

      My husband loves it so much it just drove him wild, so wild that he had a hard time trying to get his pants off. It had made him so hot and bother that we both could not make it to the bedroom without tripping over each other. This stuff is amazing and all that I kissed was his neck with it.

    When we got to the bedroom it was on. I was giving him kisses all up and down his belly, neck and his penis. The balm was making my lips tingle and it had made his skin tingle so much that it just kept making him hornier and hornier.

He then used it on me, kissing all over my body, my nipples , my clit and it just gave a warming sensation to the point that it just gave pleasure and I could not control myself!

The can does have warning stickers stating that it is not suitable for latex so there is a warning on it.
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