ePlay Rabbit

This vibrator has 7 different modes that gives you pleasure. It does not shock unless you hold down the shock button and it’s not that powerful. It feels nothing like the shocking gum that you pull for jokes or the lowest level of an electric fence.

This toy is so soft and I love the way the ridges goes against the gspot and vagina making it feel amazing.

There are two motors that gives wonderful pleasure to the gspot  and the clit. There are two prongs that have to be touching your vagina to shock.

The shocks tingle around your vagina and it feels wonderful. The design of the toy goes great and sends amazing vibrations and shocks.

Be sure to test the toy by licking your fingers and holding it to make sure it does not hurt you since everyone is different.

(Get Yours Here!)

When we think of eplay, you think of pain and hurting from being electrocuted. This Rabbit does not hurt at all. It gives off just enough shock to give you pleasure. 

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