Jumbo Joy

The Jumbo Joy is exactly what the title and name states. It is so wide and big and so much fun! You can sit it up and just ride as much as you can ride. 

The balls and the dildo feels so real and smooth. The whole dildo is so smooth and the designs on it feels amazing and like veins. The veins and ripples hits every spot in your vagina making it super pleasurable and mind-blowing that you just want to keep going and not stop.

The toy also is 15″ but only 14″ is instertable but it is just amazing. It hits all the bells and whistles making you moan with every stroke that is taken. This toy is not for those who do not have experience and really not for beginners. 

If you would like to try this and have not please work your way up and use lots and lots of  lube so it does not hurt and or tear you if you are really really tight.

I cummed a lot and had an orgasm that I never thought I could have with this toy. It is so big that I could only take half of it but it helped me stretch out a little so that I could be fisted. It is so worth it! I highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys the full feelings and likes it deep.

You can basically use this bad boy anywhere from the bed to the tub to the kitchen or anywhere you please as long as there is room since it is so huge! 

Hopefully when I am up for it I could use this for anal but not anytime soon since it is so big and I have to work up to it. 

Get your Jumbo Joy here

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