The Basic vibrating ring of love for beginners.

As you guys know, we barely use the basic rings especially ones like this. We enjoy the tighter things that basically squeezes the penis and helps keep from cumming and helps keep the penis harder. We also enjoy ones that has multiple vibrations

This ring feels like its to loose and just is sitting there. The vibrations are not powerful as most of ours. This ring is classified as a beginners ring. It even has a clit stimulator but with me use to other ones it did not do what it is suppose to do.

It sends little vibrations but not enough for us. It is stretchy but be cautious of how far you stretch due to it could and will snap in half.

There are ridges on it and it looks like a rope for where the penis goes.

You only can use it for 30 minutes due to the battery but if your like us then you disregard that and add your own batteries to it.

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