The long pink jelly vibe

This vibrator is long, pink and jelly. There are three different vibrations. Slow medium and fast. This vibrator is an okay vibe for beginners but not for experienced toy reviewers or just someone who knows their toys well and knows what they like.

It also have lots of ridges starting from the base of the jelly to the tip of the jelly so that you can get the feels. I could barely feel it and I highly dislike it just because of the way it is. The only thing I like is how long and wide it is.

The vibrator has a roller at the bottom that lets you adjust the speed but it’s not as powerful as most. It is a warm up toy that you can basically use to it to just get yourself wet or if you just needing something this would be your go to.

The vibrator is long and the neck of the vibrator is kind of crooked and flimsy so that it can hit or try to hit all of your spots.

The toy is okay and it kind of noisy. I thought the toy would have a little bit more power than it does. It could be because it is longer than most and it has no core only a flimsy wire that is running to the motor at the tip.

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