The Naughty kisser is soft and smooth. It is super bumpy. It has multi-speeds and multiple vibration patterns. It is quiet almost like a bee so you can barely hear it.

It works great on the clit and penis heads. The head is kinda flimsy to get it where you want to go but after awhile you won’t beable to feel the vibrations except the smoothness of the toy.

It is waterproof so you can have fun wherever you please to. You can use it with or without your partner. My husband enjoyed watching me squirm away while I was tied up and he was teasing me.
The tongue feels good and the bumpy texture gives you pleasure since it is shaped like a tongue and it does almost simulate oral sex due to it is super smooth and soft feeling.

It does kind of feel weird due to the bumpy texture but it does give you the stimulation and pleasure that you are needing.

You could also slick the tongue inside and it could possibly pleasure your g-spot.

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