A Thrust of Nothing!

When I first order this toy, it was not want I wanted but I kind of got excited because it is something that looked like what I wanted. When I received it;

 It was kind of heavy and I was over all excited so I quickly got batteries for it and put them in to see how it moved and see how powerful it is. IT IS NOT POWERFUL AT ALL! Your hands can stop it and it is weak.

At first I though it was great that I would do what I need it to do but then when I tried it out I hated it! It does not do what I need or wanted it to do. It does not thrust on the inside and you cannot feel it the only thing you feel is the toy itself and maybe a few rotates but other than that you don’t feel anything!

It even stops if you are to tight and cumming on it. I really hate this toy and it will be in the bottom of my toy box!



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