Electro stimulation

Electro stimulation is fun but can be kind of scary. It seems a good amount of electric through the toy and just stimulates whatever it touches no matter if it is your anal, g-spot or anywhere around your body.

It does not hurt but it can if your not use to it or you’re just wanting the high voltage. There are many toys that will let you control the settings and then there are just some that will not.

There are remote controls that allows you to control most of the toys but then there are some of them that comes with buttons.

The shock is not painful if the toy comes with a button. I say this because it will only tingle the voltage from the battery is not powerful.

If you’re using the ones with the remote PLEASE be careful. I say this because it can hurt and zap and can cause pain if your not ready or careful and please please please be sure that the controller is off or on the lowest setting to start off with before you try it.

We own a few that we were just testing the waters and let me tell you there is one or two that hurt! The cock ring kind of hurt when it got to the middle setting and the breast ones kind of zapped a little to much but the vibrator has done its job and is worth it since it only tingles.

PLEASE TEST THESE PRODUCTS BEFORE USING THEM. What I mean is test them on your wrist or inner thigh to see if it will hurt or its okay for you. Not only this it also helps you make sure the toy is not malfunctioned or anything.



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