Vasectomy Review

For those of you that do not know what a vasectomy is; it is a type of birth control for men who no longer wants kids or do not want kids in the future. It where the doctor cuts the tubes that your sperm is in and it clamps them off.

The procedure is only about 15 minutes and the best part is you are numbed the whole time it is happening. The only thing you will feel is pressure when the doctor is working down there. They cut the bag open like less than 6cm in the middle so they can reach both sides. Then they snip both tubes, cauterize and clamp both sides and stitch up the entrance and your done. (BE SURE TO GET BOXER BRIEFS OR TIGHTY WHITES OR TIGHT UNDERWEAR OR YOUR GONNA BE HURTING CAUSE YOUR BALLS ARE GONNA BE DANGLING AND PULLING THE STITCHES AND SHIFTING!)

My husband said it did not hurt and it only was pressure and the initial needle poking and numbing the balls. It did bruise bad but did not hurt really. He even drove home after the procedure. The doctor did warn that it is suppose to bruise and for the first few days to a week or two he could not pick up nothing heavy, he cannot stand on his feet to long and he needed to ice it and air out the stitches and after a day or two to wash it.

After the first day, it did not hurt as bad but it kind of pulled but that was okay. He said days after it got better. He had to jack off about 25 times to get his cum tested for sperm or wait about 8 week and we went with the 25 times cause it did not take long for him to do it since we where both ready to be intimate, teasing and using protection and masturbating.

When he took his cum to his doctor they took it and tested it an 10 minutes later they got back to us and told us we was all clear!

 SO NO MORE SEX WITH PROTECTION! (Vasectomy is 99.9% effective but as long as you go to the doc for the check up and the first testing of sperm done your good. Some people are not as lucky as others which it happens.)

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Author: K. D. Schroeder
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