Wet look tanga panties queen size

These panties are so comfortable! It fits and cuffs my hips so nice and it even lets my c-section scar breathe! The title says QUEEN size but its really XL. It is so soft and I love them! My ass fits so nicely in them just like boy shorts. I love the way it cuffs my cheeks also and I just love the way they look and feel. The wet look is a great look for them and I would by them again to keep a few on hand just because I love how comfy they are.

 It  drove my husband wild as I pranced around with them on trying to get him in the mood on our anniversary and it truly worked! He could not wait to get them off of me.

Eden is having a deal on these! Don’t miss it!
1 for $7.49
2 for $6.99 each
3 for $6.49 each

4+ for $5.99 each 

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