Lipstick of fun!

As the title states it is fun! This little lipstick is nice! It works just like regular lipstick when opening or closing and capping it! The tip is a silicone feeling and it feels so smooth and it plays with my clit so nicely that it makes me what to explode! The silicone tip just glides over my clit and makes me feel lovely and so satisfied.

Pair this with two other toys and get even more satisfaction from the rest of your body!

This lipstick is travel friendly! Needing to get off on the go no worries the lipstick is here! But please please please do not get it mixed up as regular lipstick! That would be a mess to clean. This lipstick is lightweight but really powerful. The vibrations are really powerful and just makes you melt.

I was hesitant on getting this due to the fact that I thought it was going to be like any other small bullet vibes but I was wrong!


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