This Has Nothing To Do With Sex; But With YourSelf (more to be added)

Hello everyone! This post has nothing to do with sex but it does have to do with relationships! If you ever feel like you are going in a circle, loosing yourself, your mind, never happy, feeling loss, always tired then please please PLEASE! Take a break step back, take a deep breath and focus on yourself and your happiness and rebuild yourself! It is not worth trying to force something to work when it won’t. 

If your feeling stuck then un-stick yourself no love is worth feeling miserable and unhappy. You matter and if they are treating you horrible, hitting on you, hurting you mentally, physically and emotionally then LEAVE! You staying is not helping you it’s hurting you! If they fail to see your worth then its not worth you hurting yourself for them to see. 
You can always try to work it out whenever you regain yourself and hell if they don’t want to then it’s their lost. 
Never beg them because begging is not gonna work. Begging does nothing but cause misery. 
If they don’t work, don’t clean, don’t do anything of the sort and you beg them. It’s not worth it. 
If they don’t provide but yet always jumping on your case; It’s not worth it.
All liars will lie it does not matter. They will lie and then put the blame on someone else cause they themselves don’t want to do it or take responsibility for it or their actions. When they have nothing to show for but want to pretend they lie. That’s all they know how to do best is lie does not matter what it is nor how big or little its still a lie.
Find yourself, love yourself, and be true to your self! 

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