Male pH balance

 Male pH balance is important because they too can get bad bacteria and it could cause their balls to have an odor. Their skin could dry out and become flaky.

 Manscaped has products that can help with the pH from the Lawn Mower 3.0 in which is used for trimming the manly area to any part of the body. It is waterproof so you can trim in the shower. They also have hair and body wash, ball deodorant, ball toner and Cologne that is also great for the skin but it is also to make you smell nice so that your ball doesn’t have an order. 

Lets say your on a special date with someone you are wanting to take home and fondle with. You know you are wanting to smell and look your best down there to impress her or him. 

There are all kinds of stuff that you could use to help with a males pH balance so you just have to look around and find them. Good is a great source.  

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