Did you know that CBD and THC are both legal to purchase in the United states as long as you are 21 and up? The legal amount that you can purchase of THC is 0.3mg. 

CBD and THC both come for the marijuana plant and they are chemical compounds. The difference is that CBD does not contain THC and THC is basically what is in the marijuana to give you the high effects and causes the neurons to release dopamine chemicals.

There are some good sides to CBD and THC and there are some bad sides. CBD helps calm and relax you and acts as an anti-inflammatory. It helps with nausea, focus, pain and just about a few other things like anxiety attacks. It can do so much good to and for the body.  It can also help you sleep and rest probably more than melatonin can. Speaking of melatonin they make CBD gummies that contains it to help you be well rested.

Also even through THC and CBD is legal it can still cause you to fail a drug test because of it comes off a marijuana plant but some say it doesn’t really show up so its a 50/50 toss up.  You can always go to the store and get the weed tests and see if it shows up or not. 

CBD stays in the system for 2-5 days and sometimes weeks and sometimes longer.

THC stays in the hair for 90 days and 3 days to a few months in urine. 48 hours in the saliva and 36 hours in blood since it gets process by the liver and can stick into the body fat. Exercising, eating fiber and drinking water to help flush the body can also help this get rid of it but it will end up taking its time.

There are so many different forms that CBD comes in from lotions and creams and oils to edibles, vape juice and even cigarettes! You can actually get the high effect if you take to many at once! THC Delta 8 can cause you to have a bad trip if you are not careful, so be mindful of how many or how much you are doing. CBD cancels out THC so if you feel like you cannot handle it and start to freak out and have a nervous break down and start panicking. 

With the CBD and THC if this is your first time doing it you will panic but you have to stay calm and it is best to be around people you trust with the first so they can help you. You will feel like you are floating at times and things will be kind of weird and could possibly go down hill fast. You will feel different, your heart will start racing, thing around you will be different. You’re mind will be cloudy and you won’t be able to think straight and your actions will be slowed because CBD  delays the neurotransmitter and messes with the adenosine receptors while THC messes with the neurons to give you a high like marijuana. 


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