Petite Treats G-spot

This thing might be tiny but it sure is powerful! It is just made for your g-spot the way it is curved. The vibrations are really powerful that you can fill them on the outside. When pressed up against a pillow it also vibrates your clit.  The vibrations that it gives are amazing, giving you the greatest climax ever. When […]

Clit Stimulator Toys V.S. The Adori Rose

 The satisfyer products are basically clit stimulators that basically sucks and blows air just like the rose.  The products have basically different vibration patterns, moods and speeds and styles. Some are  basically like the Adori Rose but the rose is kind of smaller. There are plenty of other clit stimulators that are powerful. I personally would rather the Satisfyers or […]


We all have been at a place or going through something in our lives that makes us stressed out and cannot keep calm. Whether it is work related, home related or even family issues. These Ashwa Gummies are exactly what you are needing to help you get the relaxation and peace you are needing! You can take the Ashwa gummy […]


There are so many different kinds of sex toys! There are lots for everyone to choose from no matter what your sexuality is or how you enjoy your pleasure. For guys there are multiple pocket pussies, strokers, fleshlights, Prostate toys, and cockrings.  They have ones vaginas that vibrates, ones that sucks, ones that are manual or automatic. They feel so […]

The Blog has turned 3

 Hi guys! The blog has officially turned 3 years old back in June. I cannot believe that the time has flew by so quickly! I enjoy making the articles for this blog and will continue to do so! Thank you all for stopping by and reading thehiddenroomwithspicyreviews.  If you could please share the blog to some friends and help it […]

Where’s My Period?

 Women does not have to always bleed to be on their period so relax if a test is negative that you taken 6 of because you’re worried of being pregnant. Pregnancy does not always take your period in fact you can have a period all the way up to delivery but this is a different article.  If you do not […]

Male pH balance

 Male pH balance is important because they too can get bad bacteria and it could cause their balls to have an odor. Their skin could dry out and become flaky.  Manscaped has products that can help with the pH from the Lawn Mower 3.0 in which is used for trimming the manly area to any part of the body. It […]

Dual wand attachment head

The dual wand attachment is basically a head/sleeve for the wand. It helps give you different sensations by playing and vibrating your clit and your g-spot. If your unsure about sticking the wand there it’s totally okay to do so! I love the way it slides on to the wand! It feels so amazing and I just love it. I […]

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