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Safe place to Buy World of Warcraft Accounts, get ready for Dragonflight!

Updated: Aug 5, 2022 is the safest place to buy legendary WoW accounts.

If you're interested in having the best account on the market, this is the place for it by far. Corrupted Ashbringer(s), Rank ones, Multi Gladiator for sale.

I am going to rank as the safest place to buy WoW Accounts both for Shadowlands & also for Wrath of the Lich King Classic since TBC is on pause mode at the moment I am writting the article.

#1 Long wall of text to justify my pick!


#2 I would strongly suggest anyone reading this, don't buy an account if you can't have it on your name. has a name change procedure to ensure maximum safety for the buyer on a WoW purchase.


#3 How my purchase with went.

If you've read my previous paragraphs you probably realised how serious and careful I was into picking the perfect place for buying a WoW Account and delivered.

I spoke with them for two weeks and everytime we spoke, they were generous enough to provide me with informations related to the account I want, what race, what specific items to have and so on, every question was answered in a polite manner and within a reasonable time frame.

I've made the payment with crypto as they're licensed Coinbase eCommerce affiliates, the payment doesn't go straight into their wallet, it goes to their vendor wallet and if everything's okay, is released to their account. At that point I have to admit I was shaking since I did send them 4800$. They've kept me informed until the payment was validated by the crypto-network (ETA 40minutes~).

As soon as the payment got confirmed, I've received all account details, I was so anxious into playing and I immediately logged in to see my dream account but I couldn't enjoy it to the fullest just yet as it wasn't on my name, I was not sure if these guys could do it, I had to provide them with my full name, country and date of birth.

Full Bnet name change confirmed after 3 days, I couldn't believe my eyes when I've received an email stating that the account was on my name!

We're now in August 2022 and I am still enjoying the account I've bought more than a year ago and that feels great, that's the reason I am doing this review, they deserve it.


#4 is legit, one of the best places to buy WoW accounts currently on the market.

If we're talking about Pros & Cons, I am making a list:


✔️ Safe place to buy WoW accounts for Shadowlands & TBC

✔️ Account name change included, account can't be recalled at a future time

✔️ Awesome customer service

✔️ Legendary WoW accounts for sale! BuyWoWaccount definetly has some of the best accounts on the market.


Only high-end WoW accounts meaning the prices can be a bit to much for some people, it's explainable.

They only accept Crypto as a payment method, again understandable since they do provide name change on account purchase, imagine how many people would chargeback their payments once the account is on their name.


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